A 50-year-old man who pretended to be a high school student, summoned a middle school girl and forcibly molested her, was arrested by the police.

The Gyeonggi Bucheon Ojeong Police Station arrested 58-year-old Yoo Mo on a street in Samjeong-dong, Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province around 5 pm on the 8th for violating the Child and Adolescent Sexuality Protection Act.

Yoo is accused of forcibly harassing Miss A in the vehicle and touching her body parts.

The police, who arrived after receiving a report that "my uncle is molesting you," contacted the 14-year-old victim A by text message to find out the exact location.

The police arrived at the scene and caught Yoo, who was trying to escape, and arrested the current criminal.

After deceiving himself as a 17-year-old in an anonymous chatting application, Yoo lured Miss A, and it was investigated that he moved to a rare place by getting in a car.