While the application for and payment of the COVID-19 disaster aid is being made, some Chinese compatriots who have been eliminated from the payment target are spreading articles criticizing the government.

Oh! Click The third search term is 'wrong accusation to the government'.

This article was posted on an online community yesterday (13th).

Some Chinese compatriots who did not receive disaster aid are criticizing the Korean government, saying, "X Korea is like that" and criticizing it in such a way that the amount of money it spends is small as the country is small.

Then, there was a post saying, "Let's go to the government with an ax and a hammer, bosses who didn't receive the disaster aid."

In another article, referring to the F4 visa, he swears at them, saying, 'Are you not paying the disaster aid, paying less taxes, or paying less insurance?'

The F4 visa is a visa issued to Koreans with foreign nationality during their stay in Korea, and is not included in the disaster subsidy.

When a Chinese compatriot, who was not initially eligible for the subsidy, criticized the Korean government recklessly, the domestic netizens who saw this commented, "You don't qualify in the first place. give me?" and so on.