It is known that the rate of becoming severe even if infected with COVID-19 is significantly lowered after completing the vaccination.

Medical reporter Cho Dong-chan reported on the domestic preparations for related booster vaccinations.

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French quarantine authorities said that among 1 million people who received the Janssen vaccine between April and August, 32 were infected with COVID-19, 29 were seriously ill, and 4 of them died.

This is the first survey result that overturns existing studies that say that even just one dose of Janssen's vaccine is effective in preventing gastritis for 8 months.

The deceased were elderly people in their 70s and 80s, and most of them were known to have underlying diseases.

In France, the Janssen vaccine was only vaccinated to those over 55 years of age because of the side effects of blood clots.

In Korea, 1.34 million people have been vaccinated against Janssen. 890,000 people are in their 30s or younger, while 80,000 people are in their 60s or older.

Severe cases of breakthrough infection in Korea have not yet been counted, but the breakthrough infection rate was 51.4 Janssen per 100,000 population, higher than AstraZeneca 24.3, Pfizer 7.8, and cross-vaccination 1.9.

We have prepared a booster vaccination schedule focusing on high-risk groups and medical staff, but there is a need to further subdivide each vaccine.

[Melanie Swift/Professor Mayo Clinic, USA: The booster vaccination plan seems to be different depending on whether you got Pfizer/Modena or Janssen.] The

booster dose has been proven in several studies.

[Anthony pouch / US National allergies, infectious diseases Research Institute: noticed that when you are 70 to 84 percent risk of infection, starting after 68%, 2 weeks later lowered the week of vaccination -

Defense officials are from within the fourth quarter of high-risk and medical There is no disagreement about the additional vaccination, but he said that there is a difference of opinion about whether it is 6 months or 8 months after the second vaccination.

Further discussion is needed as to whether the high-risk group who received the Janssen vaccine should be the first.

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