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A police officer who rescued an imprisoned victim by showing his momentary wits received a commendation from the Commissioner of the National Police Agency.

Yesterday (13th), the National Police Agency introduced the story of Police Officer Hwang Eui-ho of the Dongdaemun Police Station Hoegi Police Box, who arrested a criminal who kidnapped and locked a woman in Hoegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul on July 29th.

It was around 10 pm on July 28th when the victim's mother received a report of her disappearance saying, "The daughter is not coming home."

Police tried to track the location, but it was impossible because the victim's cell phone was turned off.

However, at around 5 am the next day, the victim contacted her mother.

While the hijacker was digging, he secretly turned on his cell phone and sent the approximate location and password to the common front door.

Police Officer Hwang immediately moved to the location indicated by the victim and set out to find the exact location of the kidnapping.

After visiting the nearby villas and entering the password for the common front door sent by the victim, we were able to find the villa where the victim was imprisoned.

They even managed to get into the villa, but there were other difficulties. It was because it was not possible to specify the lake in the villa.

At that time, Police Officer Hwang found a delivery man from a Chinese restaurant who had just come to the villa to collect bowls of Jajangmyeon. The delivery man came to a house that had no dishes left outside the front door, and police officer Hwang disguised himself as a delivery man and knocked on the door saying, "I'm here to pick up the dishes."

There was actually a victim in the house that Police Officer Hwang suspected, and police officers immediately arrested the kidnapper who came out of the door. The victim, who had been imprisoned for half a day, was released safely.

The kidnapper and the victim did not know each other, and it was understood that the victim was kidnapped after hearing an offer for a part-time job as a fitting model.

Police Officer Hwang, who received a commendation from the Commissioner of the National Police Agency for being selected as an 'excellent case' for the arrest process, said, "I moved under the command of the team leader who was dispatched to the scene, and in the end, the kidnapper was arrested." I want to become a police officer trusted by the people by being active in my activities.”

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