An administrative lawsuit filed by the former President Chun Doo-hwan's family against the prosecution's seizure of a detached house in Yeonhui-dong has been decided by the Supreme Court.

Former President Chun Doo-hwan's daughter-in-law Lee Mo recently filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals against the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office to confirm the invalidity of the seizure order.

The prosecution sold the house in Yeonhui-dong in 2018 when the former president did not pay a fine of 220.5 billion won despite the Supreme Court's conviction.

In response, the former president's family filed an objection to the execution of a criminal trial with the court and also filed an administrative lawsuit.

The courts of the first and second trial hearing the lawsuit to nullify the seizure of the annex ruled that the annex in Yeonhui-dong was purchased with the illegal slush funds of the former president, and the prosecution's seizure was justified.

Meanwhile, the Seoul High Court Criminal Division 1 decided to cancel the seizure of the main house and garden in the Yeonhui-dong home in November last year, saying that it is difficult to see them as illegal property, while maintaining the short sale disposition saying that it was confirmed that the annex was purchased with a slush fund created as a bribe. It was confirmed by the Supreme Court in April.