The rate of primary vaccination is rapidly increasing as the pace of domestic COVID-19 vaccination is accelerating.

According to the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team, as of 00:00 yesterday (11th), 32.8 million people in Korea have received the first dose, accounting for 63.9% of the total population.

In particular, in terms of the primary vaccination rate, it surpassed the United States and Japan, which started vaccination earlier than Korea.

According to the aggregation of 'Our World in Data', an international statistical site, as of the 9th, the proportion of people who received the vaccine at least once in Korea was 62.66%, higher than that of the United States (61.94%) and Japan (62.16%).

Considering that the US started vaccination on December 14th last year, and we started vaccination on February 26th this year, about two months later, the start was late, but we caught up with it quickly.

At the current rate of vaccination, the government's goal of 70% of the nation's primary vaccination is expected to be sufficiently achieved before the 19th.

To complete the first dose of the cumulative 36 million people, 70% of the population, about 3.2 million more people will need to get the vaccine.

Considering that the 18-49 year olds are in full swing and the number of remaining vaccinated people through SNS reaches an average of 60,000 a day, there seems to be no problem in achieving the vaccination goal.

The government plans to raise the vaccination completion rate to more than 70% by the end of October when all of the prescribed times for each vaccine are met.

(Photo = Yonhap News)