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high-ranking public officials' crime investigation department, which started the investigation into the so-called accusation allegation, is reviewing the search and seizure of the National Assembly office of Rep. Kim Woong, the key figure in the suspicion. The People's Power side accused Kim Jin-wook, the chief of the Airborne Department, etc., saying that it was an illegal seizure and search.

Correspondent Hong Young-jae.

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Air Airborne Service, which failed in the search and seizure of Rep. Kim Woong's office, took a breather yesterday (11th) considering whether to conduct a search and seizure again.

We started to analyze confiscated items such as mobile phones, documents, and PCs obtained from the rest of the four places except the office of Congressman Kim, and it is said that he started cell phone forensics to determine whether Prosecutor Son Jun-seong actually delivered the complaint to Congressman Kim. .

With the prospect that the Airborne Service can conduct a search and seizure again as early as today, the People's Power has been preparing for an additional search and seizure by emergency standby in the Kim's office from yesterday.

Previously, the People's Power lawmakers strongly opposed the seizure and search process of Rep. Kim's office in the Airborne Division, saying that it was an illegal warrant execution. complained to

[Jeon Joo-hye / Rep. of People's Power: The illegal seizure and search by the Airborne Division can only be seen as a full-scale election intervention in the opposition party.]

Rep. Kim Woong also submitted a quasi-appeal to the court to cancel the search and seizure warrant.