Hackers have posted the passwords for 498,908 VPN accounts of the American cybersecurity company Fortinet on a hacker forum.

The leak has been fixed, but many of the login details still work, according to the hacker,

Bleeping Computer



Hackers posted a link to the data on the hackers forum RAMP.

The data can be accessed for free and is not used by the hackers for blackmail purposes.

Bleeping Computer

writes that this is probably done to promote the relatively new hacker forum.

It is unclear whether all login details are still usable.



has told

Bleeping Computer

that at least some data can still be used.

It is not known whether passwords for Dutch accounts were also stolen.

Malicious persons can use the data to log into networks of affected users.

The intruders can then install malware or launch ransomware attacks.

Files on computers are encrypted until a ransom is paid.