The story of a student who 'removed out of shame' leftover delivery food left unattended on a university campus is attracting attention.

The bench top was full of leftover Chinese food bowls.

Garbage such as chopstick wrapping paper and plastic is also scattered on the floor.

On the evening of the 5th, an anonymous college student community, Pusan ​​National University Everytime, posted a picture with the title 'This is a little'.

It seems that someone ordered Chinese food on campus and left without cleaning it.

It was not confirmed whether the person who ordered the delivery was a student or an outsider, but about 5 hours after this article was posted, at dawn the next day, a person presumed to be a student at Pusan ​​National University took out the garbage.

The author also released a photo of the area around the bench that was full of garbage, saying, 'I came to pick up the trash because I was more shy than other people'.

Netizens who heard the story were outraged, saying, 'The school needs to find the person who threw out the trash through CCTV', while cheering the student who took out the trash saying, 'The world turns around thanks to people like students' and 'This is a good influence'. sent