Allegations have been raised that a professor at Hongik University's College of Art used sexual and emotional violence, such as demanding sex and verbal abuse from students.

The students have asked the school to dismiss the professor.

The 'Joint Action for the Removal of Professor A for Human Rights Violations at Hongik University's College of Art' held a press conference at the main gate of Hongik University on the 8th (today) and said, "Professor A lacks a sense of ethics as an educator and uses abusive language under the guise of education to greatly undermine the character and dignity of students. damaged," he claimed.

According to the joint action side, for the past month, they have been publicizing the incident and collecting cases of damage through school newsletters and online promotional materials.

As a result, it was reported that from 2018 to this year, about 10 students were identified as victims.

Professor A is said to have used the professor-student hierarchy to force his students to sleep, saying, "You must sleep with an influential person like me to succeed."

One student said, "Don't you think you and I will be going to bed someday?" There was also a testimonial that he applied silent pressure, such as turning on the phone's calendar app to confirm a specific date.

In addition, Professor A frequently told students about his sexual activity and his own prostitution experience, and when the 'Nth Room' incident occurred, he was also reported to have said to a female student, "If you hadn't been a writer, you would have made a lot of money in Room n."

▲ A poster related to Professor A at Hongik University

The joint action side also said that Professor A publicly disclosed discrimination based on gender, region, appearance, family environment, and mental illness.

At the press conference, Professor A's remarks were introduced, such as "If I see ugly kids, I'll vomit and I won't be able to look at them" and "Do you know that (a student) has depression?"

According to Joint Action, some students' work was deliberately inducing criticism from other students, leading to bullying.

Also, suspicions were raised that the students were mobilized for personal business and did not pay reasonable remuneration after entrusting them with personal outsourcing.

The joint action side announced that it plans to file a criminal complaint against Professor A next month after completing the legal review, and urged the school to dismiss Professor A, protect students, and investigate the facts.

It is known that 17 organizations including the art world, women's circles, and political parties, as well as student groups including the Hongik University Art Students' Association, participated in the joint action.

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