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messaging application

prepares new features in its privacy settings, with a

new option that will make it possible for the first time to hide the time of the last connection only to the specific contacts

chosen by the user.

So if a contact is annoying or heavy, or you just want him to not have you under control at all hours (something that can be

useful in cases of workplace or personal harassment

), that person will not know what time you last used WhatsApp. , but the rest of the contacts in your chats can know.

The current privacy settings of WhatsApp, which had not changed for several years, allow users to choose three possibilities:

share the time of last connection with everyone, only with contacts or with no one


Now, the specialized portal WABetaInfo has noticed a new privacy setting in a development version of WhatsApp for iOS, with which for the first time users can choose a fourth option:

'all my contacts except'.

With this novelty, users can choose that all their contacts see their last connection time by default and at the same time

establish exceptions for certain contacts that the user chooses

, without having to hide this information from everyone.

In addition to the last connection time, the possibility to choose exceptions among the contacts will also be applied to

display the profile image and the user description information


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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