Today (8th), the number of new corona cases is expected to reach 2,000 again. Recently, the number of patients is increasing mainly in the metropolitan area, but I am worried that the virus will spread across the country again starting from the Chuseok holiday, when there is a lot of movement.

Reporter Hong Young-jae reports.

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9 pm last night, the number of new corona19 confirmed by the quarantine authorities and each local government exceeded 1,800.

The number is more than 420 compared to the same time the day before, so if this trend continues, it is expected that the number will exceed 2,000 again within a week.

Contrary to the slight decrease in the past week, the number of confirmed cases nationwide on Monday was 1,597, the highest as of Monday.

In the case of new cluster infections, the number of patients was highest in the order of workplaces, multi-use facilities, and educational facilities.

In particular, re-proliferation in the metropolitan area is a problem.

The average number of confirmed cases in the metropolitan area last week was 1,156, an increase of 44 compared to the previous week.

If the metropolitan area re-spreads, there is concern that the vicious cycle of spreading the infection to non-metropolitan areas again in conjunction with the Chuseok holiday, when travel volume is soaring, will be repeated like the summer vacation season.

[Park Hyang/Chief of Prevention and Control of Central Accident Control Headquarters: The possibility of transmission to non-metropolitan areas due to movement during the holidays should also decrease when the epidemic in the metropolitan area decreases.]

In the midst of this, the spread of the mutated virus has become more severe.

In particular, delta mutations, which are particularly powerful, accounted for 97% of all analyses, up 2.7 percentage points in one week.