When it was revealed that the delivered food had been thrown away on the Pusan ​​National University campus, a student came forward and took care of it.          

On the evening of the 5th, a photo of leftover food left unattended on a campus bench was posted along with the words 'This is a little bit' in Pusan ​​University Everytime, an anonymous community of college students on the evening of the 5th.  

In the photo, several people do not remove leftovers and containers after eating Chinese food, so they are lying on a bench, a common facility.

There are wooden chopstick wrappers and plastic on the ground. 

When the photo was released, netizens criticized it with comments such as "I really have no conscience", "Let's find out who it is with CCTV", and "It's too selfish". 

About 5 hours after an article accusing the school waste site was posted, an author, presumed to be a student at Pusan ​​National University, posted an article titled 'I got rid of the food waste next to Kyungtong University (College of Economics and Trade)'. 

The author posted a picture of the area around the bench full of garbage, saying, "I am a self-employed student near the North Gate. I have more shame than others, so I came to pick up the garbage." 

The author additionally wrote an article titled 'Separation Discharge Completed' 30 minutes later. He said, "I came here with trash, but I was worried because the food waste bin in our studio was full. told  

The author then asked, "I'm going to wash up and sleep now. Please don't encourage conflict." 

Netizens left messages of support such as "You will be blessed by doing a good job", "You are really cool", and "This is a good influence". 

This is a 'news pick'.

(Photo = Everytime capture)