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now on, we will tell you about the sexual violence in schools that still continues.

Allegations have been raised that a Catholic priest, the principal of an alternative school, sexually harassed faculty members.

The principal was recently dismissed from the post, and the education office is continuing to investigate whether the students were also harmed.

Reporter Han So-hee reports exclusively.


An alternative school in Gyeonggi-do, established to provide music education and dormitory for female students living in childcare facilities.

Suspicions have been raised that the Catholic priest, the principal, sexually harassed and harassed faculty and volunteers.

[Mr. A/Ex-Volunteer: While hitting one of the buttocks with a hand like this... . When I told you not to do it, you did it again. what's up Are you going to report me for sexual harassment? .] He

says he called me late at night and asked me a sexually humiliating question.

[Mr A/Ex-Volunteer: Have you ever slept with your boyfriend? You're asking this. If you haven't done it yet, would you like to try it with me? This is how you do it. Would you like to sleep with me?]

Only six volunteers and faculty members complaining of sexual harassment and harassment were identified.

[Mr. B/Former faculty member: I am so lonely and tired these days and asked me to hug him. Then he came out and hugged him tightly.]

Victims say they also witnessed the principal making inappropriate physical contact with students.

[C/Former faculty member: He said nothing about his experience of hugging two children.]

[Mr. B/Former faculty member: If you just run with your hands in your pockets like this, the priest is cold? Put your hand in the student's pocket while doing this.]

Victims reported to the Office of Education and the Human Rights Commission, and an investigation by the Office of Education began in May.

The Office of Education is said to be conducting an in-depth investigation by catching suspicious circumstances related to additional harm to students as well as faculty.

The education office first notified the Catholic Foundation to remove the principal, and the foundation accepted this and dismissed the principal at the end of last month.

The principal, who is being accused of sexual harassment, said that the allegations raised by SBS reporters were not true and he was waiting for the results of the investigation by the education office.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Kim Jun-hee)   

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