Chatapp Telegram has received a new update, which removes the limit of 1000 viewers per live stream in groups and channels.

From now on, everyone can watch, Telegram reports in a blog post.

In July, an update was also made for group video calls.

Then the limit was raised to a maximum of 1,000 viewers.

From now on it is possible to start a live stream in a channel or a video chat in a group for an unlimited number of viewers.

Up to thirty people can broadcast images simultaneously.

According to Telegram, this update has the potential "to run your own television station from your pocket".

The service also supports Clubhouse-style audio channels, where up to "millions" of people can listen to live conversations.

Telegram also made adjustments to message forwarding.

For example, the name of the original sender can be hidden and any captions on shared media messages can be removed.

This week, analysis firm Sensor Tower reported that Telegram has now been downloaded a billion times.

The chat app has been around for eight years now.

It is not clear exactly how many people are now active on the platform.

The most recent figures are from the beginning of this year, when Telegram had 500 million active users per day.