The KCTU protested the arrest of Yang Kyung-soo by the police, defining it as a 'declaration of war'.

The KCTU said in a statement today (2nd) that the arrest of Yang by the police was "a declaration of war by the Moon Jae-in regime" and "will repay it with the organization and execution of a strong general strike struggle."

The KCTU also defined the arrest of Chairman Yang as “killing Chairman Yang and the KCTU.”

"The result of the forced recruitment of the chairman will further provoke the anger of field workers," he said.

The police entered the office of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions in Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul early this morning and executed an arrest warrant for Chairman Yang.

Chairman Yang was issued an arrest warrant on the 13th of last month on charges of leading an illegal rally in downtown Seoul, but he stayed in the office to avoid arrest.

The KCTU is preparing for a large-scale general strike on the 20th of next month with the goal of involving 1.1 million all union members.

(Photo = Yonhap News)