It was confirmed that someone intentionally blocked firefighting facilities such as sprinklers at the time of the fire in the underground parking lot of the Cheonan apartment, where 666 vehicles were burned or smoked.

According to the 'Cheonan Apartment Fire Receiver History' submitted by the Fire Department by Park Wan-su's Office of the People's Power, the fire detector installed in the 2nd basement parking lot at 11:08 pm on the day of the fire, the day of the fire, sent a preliminary warning.

However, 12 seconds later, someone manipulated the switch and turned off the fire fighting system, which was connected to the siren, fire shutter, and sprinkler lock.

The official fire detection signal came at 11:09 pm, but the sprinkler pump was stopped one minute later.

The fire system was turned on when the firefighters arrived at the scene at 11:14 pm, and the sprinkler pump was turned on at 11:18 pm, nine minutes after the fire was detected.

Unauthorized closing or blocking of firefighting facilities may result in imprisonment of up to 5 years or a fine of up to 50 million won.

In response, the apartment management office said it was difficult to answer because the fire investigation is ongoing.