A gang has been caught selling so-called fake sneakers that were modeled after famous overseas brands such as Nike and Gucci as genuine ones in the open market.

Busan Customs announced that it had arrested three people per day who smuggled 2,000 pairs of counterfeit branded sneakers from famous overseas brands, valued at 1.7 billion won in genuine terms.

They secretly brought in fake sneakers from October to December 2019. They put counterfeit sneakers inside the container and put slippers imported from China at the entrance to avoid crackdowns.

They illegally took profits up to 10 times by selling the imported sneakers at a cost of 30,000 won for 300,000 won at a famous open market in Korea.

400 pairs were actually sold, earning about 80 million won in unfair profit.

When they asked for explanatory materials related to genuine products in an open market, they also submitted counterfeit purchase receipts as if they were purchased at a local store in Hong Kong.

A customs official urged you to check whether you have an import declaration certificate issued by customs to avoid damage from purchasing counterfeit goods when purchasing imported goods from online shopping malls other than genuine stores.