[Go Hyun-joon's news] It

happened in Ulsan, and there is a controversy over an incident in which a drunken woman climbed on top of a taxi and made a fuss.

A woman climbs over the taxi bonnet and stomps her feet.

I climb up to the roof of the car and run.

On the night of the 22nd, on a road in Nam-gu, Ulsan, a woman in her 20s in a drunken state climbed onto a taxi that was suddenly stopped and started to make a commotion.

When the taxi driver grabbed her wrist to stop her, the woman shouted, 'I will sue you for sexual harassment.'

What was more surprising was that there were people who seemed to be a group of women nearby, but no one stopped the woman, and even in the crowd watching, there were people who responded 'good job' and 'cool'.

In this situation, the women's riots got worse, and the woman who had been rioting for about 20 minutes was subdued by the police who received a report and rushed to the scene.

The taxi driver is currently out of business because the roof has been severely damaged, such as a collapsed roof, and it is said that the taxi driver is also receiving psychiatric treatment.

Police are investigating the woman without detention on charges of property damage.