Yesterday (25th) we informed the fact that the HR team of Seongnam City Hall gathered personal information of unmarried female civil servants and made a document. After the report, Mayor Eun Su-mi apologized to the employees, but the controversy continues.

Correspondent Kim Sang-min.


Seongnam City released the position of Grade 6 civil servant A, who wrote the personal documents of 151 unmarried female civil servants today.

Seongnam Mayor Eun Su-mi also bowed her head.

Mayor Eun apologized to the victim on the bulletin board inside the city hall and announced that he would take disciplinary action according to the results of the internal investigation, separate from the investigation commissioned by the police.

Inside the city hall, anger boils over that the impossible has happened.

Articles were posted on the internal network saying, "Is this the 'Joseon era' and I feel like my human rights have been trampled on whether or not I see the women I work with as colleagues" and "I am ashamed and ashamed that I can't even raise my face to my family."

Politics also continued.

[Oh Hyun-joo / Justice Party spokesperson: I feel miserable beyond absurdity. Whose instructions and why and how and to what extent the information was used (details should be revealed)] The

People's Power said that Seongnam City had been seized and searched three times on suspicion of hiring irregularities after taking office as mayor, and related to city hall personnel affairs. He pointed out the hiccups of public discipline.

The former secretary, who finally received the document, reported the case to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission in the public interest.

Mr. Lee claimed that the author A and the intermediary communicator Mr. B seemed to have done this to make themselves look good to him, who was single and was in an important position.

The police, who received the investigation request, plan to check the specific facts to see if there is any possibility of illegality.

(Video editing: Tae-ho Yoon, CG: Hoe-yoon Jeong, So-min Eom)