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is a document containing the personalities of unmarried female civil servants in their 30s among civil servants working at Seongnam City Hall.

For some reason, an employee in the city hall HR team made this list and passed it on to another employee, but Seongnam City commissioned the police to investigate.

This is the exclusive report by reporter Kim Sang-min.


Face photos of women, their age, affiliation, and rank.

This document contains the identities of 151 female civil servants belonging to Seongnam City Hall.

They are arranged in order of age, and all of them are unmarried between the ages of 31 and 37.

It was written in 2019, and the person who made the document was designated as Grade 6 civil servant A, who was working in the city hall personnel team at the time.

Author A delivered this document to manager B, a civil servant.

Mr. B handed this document to Mr. Lee, who was the former secretary of Mayor Eun Su-mi.

[Mr. Lee / Su-mi Eun, former secretary of Seongnam Mayor: (Manager B) said 'The HR team (Mr. A) made it hard for a month', and since I'm single, 'Choose the one you like' ( .)]

I went to the Administrative Welfare Center where Mr. A works to check why the document was created and how many people it was delivered to.

[Author A: (I came to ask about this document.) What is this? (This is in 2019... Did you know?) No, I do not know.]

Sensitive information such as age is also privately processed on the internal network of public officials.

Only HR staff can check detailed personal information.

When I ask again if I wrote it while working for the HR team, I get an ambiguous answer.

[Author A: I may or may not have made it.]

I kept my mouth shut about the purpose of classifying unmarried women of a certain age out of about 3,000 employees.

Mr. B, who was designated as a middleman, was recently released from his position on suspicion of 'offering golf entertainment', but he hung up before even hearing the question.

[Transmitter B: (Before that...) Oh, I heard that. I have nothing to say.]

However, Mr. A admitted to writing the document when the Seongnam-si self-investigation began after the SBS interview.

[Attorney Hye-Jin Seo/Human Rights Director, Korean Women's Bar Association: I think there must have been an environment where it was easy to write. In the vague anxiety that the female employees might suffer this kind of damage in the future... .]

Seongnam City Hall saw that Mr. A violated the Personal Information Protection Act and requested the police to investigate.

He also apologized to the female employees who appeared in the document.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan·Ha Ryung, Video editing: Park Ki-duk, CG: Jeong Hyeon-jeong·Seo Seung-hyun)