Typhoon No. 12 'Ohmais' is rapidly heading north toward the Korean Peninsula. It is expected to land on the southern coast of Gyeongnam around midnight tonight (23rd). Although it is a small typhoon, along with strong winds, heavy rain of up to 400 mm is expected in the southern regions, so damage is feared.

Correspondent Ahn Young-in.


Typhoon Ohmais is rapidly moving north in the sea south of Seogwipo while it is raining heavily throughout the central region.

The typhoon will pass through Jeju Island between 8 and 9 pm tonight, and the Korea Meteorological Administration is predicting that it will land on the coast near Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, around midnight.

As the typhoon rapidly moved north, a typhoon advisory was issued for Jeju Island, the entire sea of ​​Jeju Island, and the distant seas of the South Sea.

Omais, a small typhoon, is highly likely to quickly transform into a temperate cyclone after landing.

Heavy rainfall of 100 to 300 mm is expected in Jeju Island and the southern regions, and up to 400 mm in the southern coast and mountainous regions of Jeju Island.

In the central region, which is affected by the stagnant front, there will be heavy rain of 150mm to 200mm at most.

Strong winds of over 30 m/s and 100 km/h are expected to strike in Jeju Island and the southern regions, where the typhoon's center passes, instantaneously.

The Korea Meteorological Administration urged thorough preparation, saying that the period between tonight and tomorrow morning is expected to be the biggest turning point for this typhoon.