Typhoon 'Ohmais' is approaching.

This is the first typhoon this year to bring rain and wind to Korea.

First, Jeju Island is expected to be directly affected by the typhoon tomorrow (23rd), and heavy rain of 400 mm or more was predicted in some mountainous areas.

This is JIBS reporter Kim Yeon-sun.

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sudden heavy rain poured down the road and turned into a river.

The truck was half submerged, and the rental car was stuck on the road with no way to go.

Due to the influence of the stagnant front, it rained more than 20 mm per hour, resulting in rain damage.

Tomorrow, the 12th typhoon 'Omais' will move north to Jeju and it will rain more.

The typhoon is expected to enter the sea southwest of Seogwipo tomorrow morning and approach Jeju from the afternoon to the night.

In particular, the Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that heavy rain of more than 70 mm per hour is expected this time with the influence of the stagnant front and the cyclone approaching from the western sea.

This typhoon is accompanied by rain stronger than the wind, and it is expected that heavy rain of more than 400 mm will fall in mountainous areas.

In addition to the mountainous areas, up to 300 mm of rain is expected, and strong winds with a maximum wind speed of 20 m/s are also expected.

[Kang, Mi - Young / Jeju local weather forecasters: Current and the Jeju land and sea, the hurricane preliminary Newsflash fermentation (tomorrow and the day after tomorrow) are concerned so much rain and strong wind damage -

KMA effect even after Hurricane last cyclone and the stationary front It is predicted that rain will continue on Jeju Island throughout next week.

(Video coverage: Yoon In-soo JIBS)

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