I am a lawyer who provides legal assistance to disabled people who are being abused.

Since the salt farm slave incident in Sinan-gun in 2014, he has been actively involved in this work and has been in charge of supporting victims all over the country.

The reason I did this job, and the reason I continue to do it... is that there is no one else to do this job.

Whenever we support victims, there is always a story we hear from the perpetrators.

The victim does not want a lawsuit, but the lawyer in charge of the lawsuit is incentivizing the victim to file a lawsuit in order to make money.

I do not want to hear such accusations, so I am providing legal assistance completely free of charge.

No start-up fee, no success fee, etc.

It adheres to this principle even if there is a limit to pay stamp duty and service fee on behalf of victims who cannot afford litigation costs.

But sometimes it's futile.

This is the case when the victim is deceived and returned to the form of a homeless person with the damage compensation we have worked so hard to receive from the perpetrator.

It would be nice to be able to give back to the victim who returned to the bottom after receiving a hefty amount of attorney's fees at the time of the lawsuit, but it really upsets me when I have to start legal assistance for fraud damage.

There are also instances where it is futile, and that is when you watch a victim's life deteriorating rather than improving when they get out of the scene of abuse.

Disabled victim living in a homeless shelter for 7 years

I first met him seven years ago at a shelter for the homeless.

Dozens of people with intellectual disabilities who were forced to work on an island for more than 10 years were rescued from salt farm slavery.

One of the victims of the incident, he is one of about 20 people with intellectual disabilities who were transferred to a shelter for the homeless after being rescued and unable to reach their family.

The shelter for the homeless provided him only food, clothing, and shelter, but did not provide him with a job or a customized program, but he said that he liked a shelter where he could rest comfortably without doing anything.

During his seven years of acting as his legal representative, he seldom met in person.

Since a specific guardian was appointed for him, the discussion of the trial proceeded through a specific guardian.

On January 22, 2015, when he had to appear as a victim in the criminal court where the perpetrator was tried, he had not been seen for six years.

However, on July 30th, I went to see him with a specific guardian after a long time.

This is because legal aid activities are over.

It had been seven years, but he stood still, not even a single step away from the shelter for the homeless.

No one came to visit him other than a specific guardian who had to submit reports after regular interviews.

The son of the offender, who frequently visited during criminal trials, has not come to visit him since October 9, 2014, when he received his handwritten signature on a piece of paper with the words 'I do not want the accused to be punished'.

I was not allowed to enter the shelter due to Corona, so I stood at the entrance of the shelter where the hot sun was shining and faced him at a certain distance.

He looked more senile than when he first saw him after a long time.

At the shelter for the homeless for the non-disabled, I could imagine what his day as an intellectually handicapped person would be like.

After saying hello and saying a few words, "All legal support for teachers is over", I suddenly thought of this.

“What on earth did the seven years of legal support mean to him?”

As a result of a civil lawsuit filed for him, who suffered from hard labor without being paid for working in the salt farm from 2001 to February 2014, he received a compensation of 120 million won from the perpetrator.

But the money is still deposited with the court.

Because the moment he retrieves the money, he no longer retains his right to a homeless shelter.

A certain guardian is trying to find a better place for him to live.

But at first, his doctor who said he liked the homeless shelter failed because he was too stubborn, and although he agreed to move several years ago, it was not easy for him to leave the homeless shelter and find a place to stay with someone's help.

Due to the corona virus, which has been on the rise since last year, I can't even get out of the shelter now.

In a situation where he did not know what was said, the forged letter of non-punishment signed and sealed by the son of the assailant was passed without any verification for some reason. .

The national compensation litigation, which started with a cry that the state cannot ignore the fault of the judges who did not properly verify the application for punishment in the name of the severely intellectually disabled, and that the state should be held accountable, has been going on for over three years. ' ended with a bizarre bad judgment.

Did we really rescue him?

Whenever I watch a victim's life deteriorating rather than improving after getting out of the scene of abuse, the complaints of the abusers come to mind.

"I clothed, fed, put to bed, and even allowed the disabled to work, so why is caring for me and my family with disabilities called abuse?"

In order for us to be able to confidently say "No! You are wrong" to that plea, the life of the victim before the abuse and after being rescued must be markedly different. However, if seven years have passed since he escaped from the life of a salt farm slave who was forced to work on the island for 13 years, our act of rescuing him is just another abuse from the perspective of the disabled.

The legal aid for him was over, so I had no reason to go see him anymore. Since all related lawsuits have been completed, the specific guardianship has also been effectively terminated. However, the specific guardian and I have agreed to continue supporting him. I really want to see him live in a better environment and enjoy more happiness someday.

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