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Corona 19 first spread last year, a sub-contractor in charge of cleaning the cabin of Asiana Airlines fired eight employees because it was difficult to manage. They have been fighting for over a year as they are called 'Corona No. 1' layoffs, but the court ruled that their dismissal was unfair.

Correspondent Ahn Hee-jae.


Some workers who received a sudden dismissal notice in May of last year claimed that the dismissal was unfair and immediately applied for relief to the Labor Relations Commission.

Although the local Labor Relations Commission and the Central Labor Relations Commission were judged to be unfairly dismissed one after another, the company stubbornly refused to reinstate him.

When there was no follow-up action despite the unfair dismissal decision, a sit-down in front of the Seoul Employment and Labor Office began.

Life in the tent has passed 460 days.

[Ginojin / laid-off worker: Because the temperature inside (tent) exceeds 40 degrees. It hurts my health a lot... Because there is no income at all… .]

He waited patiently for the news of his reinstatement, but rather the company filed an administrative lawsuit with the court, dissatisfied with the unfair dismissal decision by the Labor Commission.

Meanwhile, the two met their retirement age on the street.

[Ginojin / laid-off worker: I never thought that the (sitting) would be long. Unemployment benefits are already over. There is no such thing as a place where you can work freely... .] The

court of first instance also upheld the worker's hand again saying there was no problem with the unfair dismissal decision.

The workers, who had been waiting for the verdict by raising 3,000 times, were delighted, but now they urged the government to step in.

[Kim Gye-wol/Chairman of Asiana Keio of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions: I think it is a natural result. Once again, the government must fulfill its responsibilities and obligations for this unfair dismissal... .]

Instead of reinstating the job, the management, which paid 90 million won for forced performance, said that it would consider whether to appeal, insisting that the dismissal was lawful even after the sentence.

The workers also emphasized that they would continue the siege with the ultimate goal of reinstatement.

(Video coverage: Seo Jin-ho and Lee Yong-han, video editing: Hwang Ji-young, screen provided: Asiana Keio Branch of the Federation of Korean Trade Unions)