Airbnb has announced the implementation of a new tool allowing its users to know the speed of Wi-Fi in the accommodation they are considering renting.

The functionality is "a must have for digital nomads, telecommuters, remote students, traveling families, gamers and creatives," the company said on its website.

The device is currently being deployed in the United States.

It will then be gradually extended to other countries before eventually being available worldwide.

This new functionality is in the form of an app integrated into the furnished accommodation reservation platform.

The program turns the owner's smartphone into a tool for measuring the speed of the wireless Internet connection.

The importance of a "stable and fast Internet connection"

The information can then be automatically added to the rental description.

Airbnb recommended against streaming at the time of the test.

It is also advisable to proceed with the operation while standing in one of the areas of the accommodation where tenants are likely to need an Internet connection.

Depending on the result obtained, the app indicates some of the possible uses with the wifi in question.

To assess the speed of data transmission, the tool uses open source software developed by M-Lab.

“A stable and fast internet connection is more important than ever,” commented Airbnb.

The platform said it wanted to give users "peace of mind" and a guarantee that "where they are can meet their connectivity needs."


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