The story of teenagers exchanging meaningful birthday gifts through a used trading app is heartwarming.

On the 7th, an article was posted on a used trading app saying 'I am looking for used gift cards'.

A high school student who saw this asked why she needed a gift card that had been exhausted. The author, who said she was a middle school student, said, 'Mom and Dad know I have many friends, but honestly I don't have many friends', 'I don't want to disappoint' answered.

I wanted to make it look as if I had received a lot of gifts from my friends by getting a gift card that was used up on my birthday.

When the high school girl found out about the story, she bought a cake and flowers, wrote a congratulatory letter as if she were a friend, and delivered it to a middle school student.

The middle school student who received the gift was very happy that she would brag to her mother, and after that, she said thank you again through the used trading app. So, I want it to be a memorable birthday.”

Netizens who heard the story cheered, saying, 'The high school girl's heart is so pretty' and 'I hope both students become wonderful adults.'