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court issued an arrest warrant for Yang Kyung-soo, chairman of the KCTU. Chairman Yang is accused of leading an illegal rally in downtown Seoul, but he did not appear at the court's substantive examination of the warrant, so it will take time to locate and execute the warrant.

Shin Jeong-eun is a reporter.

<Reporter> On the

3rd of last month, the National Workers' Congress was held in the area around Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Organizers estimated that over 8,000 people attended.

An arrest warrant was requested for Yang Kyung-soo, chairman of the KCTU, for leading an illegal demonstration in violation of quarantine rules between May and July of this year, including this rally.

However, Chairman Yang did not appear at the court's substantive review of the warrant on the 11th.

[Yang Kyung-soo/Chairman of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions: It is more urgent to solve the suffering of the workers right away than to appear in court and question the adequacy of the arrest warrant (because it was judged.)] In the

end, the court proceeded only in writing without questioning the suspect


Yesterday (13th), an arrest warrant was issued.

However, it is unclear whether the arrest warrant will be executed immediately.

The KCTU made it clear that it could not reveal the location of Chairman Yang and would not cooperate with the police's execution of warrants.

[Han Sang-jin / Korean Trade Union Spokesperson: If the police come to arrest Chairman Yang and execute a warrant, they have no choice but to stop it.] Even if the

police find out where Chairman Yang is, it is difficult to secure new recruits immediately.

If you are in the KCTU office or someone else's residence, you must obtain a search warrant to enter.

Physical collisions may occur during this process.

While the effect of the search warrant is known to be until the 17th, the police said they would execute the warrant in accordance with the principle.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-soo, Video editing: Lee Seung-hee)