"When I came back from going out, the boiler went up to 'high temperature'..."

"I think it's dead. Bugs come out of the baby's body."

- From my mother's 119 report transcript

On the afternoon of Saturday (7th), a 119 report was received from mother A, who said, "A 3-year-old girl is not breathing."

Mr. A, who was raising a child alone, found his daughter who died belatedly after leaving the house, such as meeting a friend.

It was investigated that Mr. A did not report immediately and reported it after going out for a few days again.

According to the police, Mr. A said, "Even after finding the child's body, I did not report it immediately because I was afraid of being punished." contained. Person A explained to the 911 situation room at the time of the report, "When I returned from going out, the boiler was turned on at 'high temperature'." Based on the amount of gas used, the police are continuing the investigation, believing that the first report of Mr. A is likely to be a false excuse. 

Below is the transcript of the transcript.


119 worker: 119.

Mother: Hello?

119 worker: yes 119. Hello?

Mother: Hello?

119 worker: Yes, it's 119. Please speak.

Mother: Ha, ah.

119 Worker: Tell me, it's 119.

Mother: Yes. (No words for 9 seconds) Hello?

119 worker: yes yes tell me it's 119.

Birth mother: Oh yes

119 Worker: Hello?

Mother: Yes, go.

119 Worker: Yes, yes.

Birth mother: Oh (no words for 8 seconds) Wait a minute. (No words for 16 seconds) Hello?

119 Worker: Say yes.

Mother: I came home.

119 Worker: Yes, yes.

Birth mother: The

temperature in


house is high with the boiler.

119 Worker: Yes, yes.

Birth mother: Your baby is not breathing.

119 Worker: Is it a baby?

Birth mother: Yes,

I think he died, but he just

came out of

his body.

119 Worker: We will be dispatched, where are you in the **-dong?

Birth mother: Insects

also come out of the body.

119 Worker: Yes **Where are you? I'll go out.

Birth mother: This is the **dong.

119 Worker: **What number is the dong?

Birth mother: ****.

119 Workers: ****.

Birth mother: It's ****-*.

119 Worker: *Is this a bungee villa?

Birth mother: Yes, but ***Hoyo.

119 Worker: *** What is the name of the villa?

Mother: Here uh.

119 Worker: Wait a minute, I'll be dispatched. Don't hang up on our phone. I will guide you through treatment.

Birth mother: Suddenly I can't think of it.

119 Worker: Yes, I will guide you through treatment. Don't hang up the phone.

(connection to



Emergency manager: Yes 119 situation room. Hello?

Birth mother: The

baby has cardiac arrest.

First Aid Manager: Hello? mother?

Mother: Hello?

Ambulance Manager: Yes, the ambulance is on the way. Baby aren't you breathing?

Mother: (sobbing) Yes.

First Aid Manager: See if the baby is breathing. Are you not breathing?

Mother: Yes, I think he's dead.

First Aid Manager: How old is your baby?

Birth mother: Oh, now five, now four.

Paramedic: Are you four years old? Baby aren't you breathing? How are you now? What does the status look like? What's your face color?

Birth mother: In the

early days of my baby, I was red and my body was going to be red, but I tried to drink it and give it water, but I couldn't breathe at all and turned on the air conditioner.

Emergency Situation Manager: I think you should talk about CPR on your mother, did you ever learn it?

Birth mother:

No, mouth worms also come out of the baby's body.

First Aid Manager: Bugs coming out of your mouth?

Birth mother: Bugs come out of the body.

Paramedic: When was the last time you saw a baby?

Birth mother: Last time you saw it?

Paramedic: When is the baby conscious?

Mother: Uh.

Paramedic: When was the last time you saw me, mother?

Mother: Yesterday.

Emergency Situation Manager: Did you see it yesterday and now today?

Birth mother:

I was scared yesterday, so I don't know where to report it.

Emergency Situation Manager: Yesterday too, the baby died. Yesterday too?

Birth mother: No bugs came out yesterday and breathed yesterday.

Emergency Situation Manager: Are you saying that the baby didn't breathe yesterday too?

Mother: Yes.

Paramedic: So when was the last time you saw a baby breathing?

Birth mother:

Yesterday, when I came yesterday, yesterday and yesterday, while I went out for a while, the temperature in the house was high in the boiler.

Emergency Situation Manager: Mother said that the baby did not breathe yesterday.

Mother: Yes, yes.

Paramedic: When was the last time you saw a baby breathing?

Birth mother: I went out for a while while I was sleeping before going out yesterday.

First Aid Manager: Were you breathing at that time?

Mother: Yes, yes.

Emergency Situation Manager: Then when did you check that you were not breathing?

Mother: Yesterday.

First Aid Manager: What time was it yesterday?

Mother: Yesterday time.

First Aid Manager: At night?

Birth mother: Yes, yesterday's time.

Emergency Situation Manager: Did you not breathe when you saw me late at night? from night?

Birth mother: Yes, I was scared yesterday.

First Aid Manager: Yes.

Birth mother: Get scared first.

First Aid Manager: Yes.

Mother: I was out. But I'm back today.

First Aid Manager: Yes Mom, was the baby at home alone?

Mother: I'm afraid of you.

First Aid Manager: Yes.

Mother: Yes.

First Aid Manager: Okay. Mother, we're going, baby, four years old, exactly how many months?

Mother: Wait a minute.

Paramedic: Is it a boy or a girl?

Mother: A girl.

First Aid Manager: A girl? The baby was originally sick right now. Maybe?

Birth mother: I

was not sick. In the meantime, before we played, we used to go to the playground together and just wander around this month, but now when we were sleeping, we went out for a while, but when I came back, the boiler itself was very hot, and the child was lying on his stomach and playing with the sun.

First Aid Manager: Yes Where are you bleeding, any traces of being hit, or any traces of being hit?

Birth mother: No, I've never been abused.

Paramedic: Are you saying that there is no trauma to the baby?

Mother: Yes, that's right.

First Aid Manager: Were there no other guardians?

Birth mother: I am the only mother.

First Aid Manager: I see. Mother First of all, uh, calm down. I'll go quickly.

Mother: Yes.

First Aid Manager: Yes. 

(Source: Chung Chun-sook, Democratic Party member's office)