A typhoon heading north made landfall in Kyushu, Japan on the night of the 8th. This typhoon is expected to penetrate the Japanese archipelago, but due to the indirect effect of the typhoon, it is expected that it will rain up to 80mm along with strong winds in the east coast area.

Reporter Ahn Young-in reports.


Typhoon 'Lupit', the 9th typhoon 'Lupit', which hit Taiwan and quickly headed north, landed near Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan last night.

After passing through the Japanese archipelago today, Typhoon Rupit is expected to advance to the East Sea of ​​Japan north of Japan in the afternoon and weaken to a tropical depression at night.

Although the typhoon's strong wind radius is not large, it has no direct impact on land in Korea, but the east wind from the typhoon continues to pour rain on the east coast.

So far, 148mm of rain has fallen in Gangneung and around 100mm of rain has fallen on the east coast.

In the future, it is expected that 30~80mm of rain will fall along with strong winds in Yeongdong, Ulungdo, and Dokdo in Gangwon.

Accordingly, heavy rain warnings continue to be issued for Sokcho and Gangneung, and heavy rain advisories are in effect for other parts of the East Coast.

A typhoon advisory has also been issued in the far southern seas in the southeastern part of the East Sea and the far seas in the eastern part of the South Sea, which are close to the center of the typhoon.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicted that although the effect of the typhoon is gradually weakening, strong winds will occur in the east and south seas until the day after tomorrow, and swell waves will come to the coast.