NASA is looking for four participants to participate in a Mars simulation for a year.

That is stated in a vacancy that the space agency posted on Friday.

The mission takes place in a 3D-printed base at the Johnson Space Center.

The organization wants to investigate how astronauts behave during long-term missions.

The project will start next fall.

Before 2026, two more similar missions will take place in the printed habitat, which is 157 square meters in size.

There are four participants in each simulation mission.

"The simulations will help us understand the physical and mental challenges that astronauts face," NASA wrote.

The participants have to deal with, among other things, failing equipment and delayed communication.

The applicants must meet strict requirements.

For example, NASA is only looking for healthy Americans between 30 and 55 years old, with a completed beta study or at least two thousand flight hours as a pilot.

Candidates with a medical degree and test pilots are also welcome.

A long-term manned mission to Mars is not yet in sight. First, NASA wants to put astronauts back on the moon in 2024 through the Artemis program. The astronauts have to go to the south pole of the moon, where no man has yet been. Scientists have evidence that there is frozen water here, which space travelers can use to make local drinking water or hydrogen for fuel.