These days you are already happy when there is good news. At the beginning of the week it was announced: The funding is having an effect, a million electric cars are driving around on Germany's roads. Admittedly, half of these are hybrids, and the goal should be achieved last year. The total stock is still barely more than two percent, which puts the joy in perspective. By 2030, 14 million will be needed to achieve the climate targets, says the transport minister. What's the good news about that? Thin demand is cheaper for taxpayers. For the undaunted, who believe in the purity of the electric drive, we would know something: How about if a bonus were distributed not only for the heavy cars,so that the rich residents of the bacon belt are encouraged to buy their second electric car, but also for light vehicles, scooters or even the retrofitting of old cars?

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Lukas Weber

Editor in the “Technology and Engine” section.

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And now for the bad news: There is a blaze of fire in southern Europe and Turkey.

This is not new and, in addition to the drought, is due to a failed silvicultural policy and in part apparently a consequence of arson.

But we ask ourselves how much CO2 and pollutants are blown into the air there?

As in the floodplains, the helpers arrive with heavy equipment, none of which is electrically powered.

Fire-fighting planes are also very welcome.

Only in those countries hardly any of them are ready for action, while all kinds of flying war equipment is being petted.

We also have a suggestion for this: how about the EU, instead of prescribing insane targets, set up a decent central fleet?