Yesterday (7th), there were more than 1,700 new confirmed cases of Corona 19, the highest in two weeks as of the weekend. The number of confirmed cases in non-metropolitan areas also surpassed 40% of domestic cases and recorded the first 700 cases.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam on the sidewalk.

<Reporter> There

were 1,729 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 in one day yesterday.

1,670 cases, excluding 59 imported cases, were confirmed domestically, with 967 cases in Seoul and other metropolitan areas, 145 in Busan and 117 in Gyeongnam.

The proportion of non-metropolitan areas among the total number of confirmed cases soared to 42.7%, the highest level since the fourth pandemic.

The number of critically ill patients has not fallen below 300 for the ninth day in a row.

The quarantine authorities decided to extend the 4th step in the metropolitan area and 3rd step in the non-metropolitan area for two more weeks from tomorrow to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restrictions on private gatherings remain the same, and even in non-metropolitan areas, level 3, gatherings of up to 4 people are allowed regardless of whether or not they have immediate family members.

However, in the case of religious facilities, face-to-face worship is possible for up to 99 people, depending on the size of the facility even in Level 4.

The number of people who received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine exceeded 20.9 million, accounting for 40.7% of the population.

Pre-registration for vaccinations for 18-49 year olds will start from 8pm tomorrow.

As the number of eligible people exceeds 160,000, this advance reservation is made in a 10-part system based on the last digit of the date of birth on the resident registration.

As summer vacations for kindergartens and elementary, middle and high schools come to an end, the second semester will also be announced tomorrow.