A customer in his 50s who collapsed from a heart attack at a convenience store overcame the crisis thanks to the rapid CPR of a college student majoring in nursing who was working part-time at the same time.

According to GS25, a female customer in her 50s collapsed near the cash register while shopping at the GS25 Sanbon-Gyeongwon branch in Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, on the 27th of last month around 2 pm.

Hansol (21), who works at this store, witnessed this and called 911 with other customers, laid him on a flat surface and immediately performed CPR.

Han, a student in the Department of Nursing at Shinsung University, was aware that five minutes, the 'golden time', is important for cardiac arrest patients.

Therefore, the initial response was promptly performed with accurate CPR before the ambulances arrived.

Mr. Han's achievements were made known to the headquarters as well as the customer expressed his gratitude through the manager.

GS Retail delivered a 1 million won reward to Mr. Han along with a letter of appreciation.

Han said, "As a nursing major, I saw a customer collapse in front of my eyes and felt that it was a big deal, so I immediately performed CPR.

Kim Seong-gi, head of GS Retail's convenience store division 1, said, "We will expand CPR training both inside and outside the company."

(Photo=provided by GS Retail, Yonhap News)