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If you are one of those who gets a bit upset when Instagram or Google shows you

advertising on a topic that you have not searched

on Google but, magically, the apps know that you are interested: we have bad news for you.

According to The Information, Facebook is developing a system to

read your WhatsApp messages

, something that on paper should be very easy because it has been the company that owns the world's most popular messaging app for years;

but in reality it has a major stumbling block:

end-to-end encryption


This type of encryption protects WhatsApp messages so that they cannot be intercepted by a third party: you read what you say and are told, your interlocutor also;

But in between, when the message travels through the air to get from one mobile to another, it

is impossible to decipher it because of how this type of security works


This is where a new research and development project funded by Facebook comes in.

The company has formed a team of



in artificial intelligence in

order to analyze encrypted data without decrypting it.

Put more clearly:

Facebook looks for a way to read your messages

without making them completely insecure.

This specific field of research is called "

homomorphic cryptography

" and on paper it minimizes the possibility that the information ends up being insecure;

But given Facebook's track record, it's hard to believe that this could be the case.

The company's goal, according to The Infomation, is to

make WhatsApp profitable by selling ads aimed

at users of the messaging application.

Since these messages are currently encrypted and inaccessible even to Facebook itself, this has not been possible.

It is not the first time that

Facebook has fought a privacy measure in

order to direct advertising to its consumers.

Recently, with the launch of a new version of Apple's operating system for mobiles, the company asked its users to activate active tracking (that Facebook knows almost everything you do online) using that this could affect the freeness of its applications as a claim.

Facebook, like Google, is a company whose revenue comes largely from the sale of advertising to third parties.

For years, the big tech companies have created

very advanced systems for tracking and recognizing their user base

to sell advertising as segmented as possible;

But this situation has recently changed due to the work of public bodies, which consider that sometimes it violates the privacy of citizens;

as well as other private companies, such as Apple, that use the protection of users against these practices as a claim for their products.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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