“For this to become a real medicine, and not just a plant containing something, a long way of testing has to be passed, its transformation into a dosage form.

As you can imagine, any medicine has a dose.

All drugs, as a rule, are toxic substances and only in certain dosages do they have medicinal properties, and so they can turn out to be a potent poison or simply act with the opposite effectiveness ... In this case, we are talking about a hypothesis or even preliminary data, "Onishchenko explained.

The interlocutor of RT added that any drug undergoes "very serious preclinical, and then clinical trials, and only then becomes a dosage form."

It was previously reported that the plant Nigella sativa (nigella sativa, or black cumin), which grows in North Africa and West Asia, could be used to treat coronavirus infection in the future. 

Experts have identified other beneficial properties of thymoquinone.

So, it helps in the treatment of hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, and is effective in destroying Staphylococcus aureus.