Music service Spotify is testing a Plus subscription that costs $ 0.99 per month, writes

The Verge


The subscription still contains commercials, but offers more features than a free account.

With Spotify Plus, it is possible to skip as many songs as the user wants.

That is a difference with the free plan, where you can only skip six songs per hour.

Also, with the cheap subscription it is possible to choose songs to listen to yourself, unlike with the free account, which often limits users to playing songs randomly on albums and in playlists.

The Plus subscription costs one tenth of a Spotify Premium subscription.

A cheaper version does not exist until now.

The free variant has been in existence since 2018 in its current form.

A spokesperson tells

The Verge

that this Plus plan is being tested on a small number of users.

It is not known whether Spotify Plus is also being tested in the Netherlands. has made inquiries, but has not yet received an answer.

It is also unclear whether the test will become more widely available at a later date. "Some tests pave the way for expansions, but others only provide lessons," a spokesperson told

The Verge

. "We have no additional information to share at this time."