A man who had his tongue amputated by a victim who resisted while trying to rape a drunk woman in a car has been sentenced to three years in prison.

The 1st Criminal Division of the Eastern Branch of the Busan District Court (Judge Yeom Kyung-ho) announced today (2nd) that Mr. A, who was charged with confinement and rape, was sentenced to three years in prison.

A was also ordered to complete a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program and to be restricted from employment for three years at child and youth-related institutions and welfare facilities for the disabled.

According to the verdict, on the morning of July 19, last year, Mr. A found a drunken victim in the downtown area of ​​Seomyeon, Busan, said, "I'll take him," and put him in his car and moved to the roadside of Hwangnyeongsan Mountain, where there are few people.

On the way to Hwangnyeongsan, Mr. A bought 3 bottles of soju, blue tape, and condoms at a convenience store.

The court admitted that Mr. A tied the victim with blue tape to immobilize her, imprisoned her, and tried to kiss her to rape her.

At that time, Mr. A bit his tongue due to the victim's resistance and cut about 3 cm.

A sued the victim for serious injury after the crime.

The victim sued A on charges of rape.

Prosecutors did not prosecute the victim's tongue amputation, judging that it was in self-defense.

The court said, "Considering the method of the crime and the circumstances of the crime, the defendant's responsibility is heavy, and he did not make efforts to recover the victim's damage and was not forgiven by the victim."

He continued, "The fact that he did not reflect on the crime in this case at all, such as not being able to make a convincing argument while strongly denying the fact of the crime, and consistently saying that he did not know the facts that were unfavorable to him, is an unfavorable condition for sentencing."

Person A appealed against the judgment of the first instance.