There are a lot of people who order delivery food during the heat wave due to COVID-19, but there are many times when they get confused about how to dispose of the food container after eating it.

A video that explains in detail how to dispose of garbage by type is attracting attention on social media.

The epitome of delivery food, chicken.

In particular, there is not a lot of garbage that comes out after eating seasoned chicken.

Aluminum foil should be lumped together and disposed of as general waste.

For the chicken box, remove the lid with a lot of seasoning and dispose of it as general waste, and the rest as paper waste.

After removing the plastic lid from the chicken radish container, separate them into plastic and plastic waste.

It seems like it should be thrown away as plastic garbage, but the instant rice container is synthetic plastic, so recycling is difficult, so it should be thrown away as general garbage.

This video, which is about 3 minutes long, was made by a domestic delivery app company, and in less than two months after it was uploaded, the cumulative number of views exceeded 1 million.

Netizens responded positively, saying, 'It was something I was really curious about'.

(Screen source: 'Baedal People' YouTube)