If you use the gym, you may get frowned upon for not following your manners.

A man in his 40s who dried himself with a hair dryer in the gym's locker room and went to court after an argument was acquitted.

In 2019, Mr. A, who was drying himself with a hair dryer at a gym in Wonju, Gangwon-do, in a locker room, and another user B, threatened him with abusive language and threatened to hit him with a hair dryer.

Person A, who immediately called 112, blocked the elevator entrance when Mr. B tried to leave the scene.

In the process, he requested a formal trial when he was in a position to receive a summary order for fines for assaulting B's chest.

The court of first instance judged that it was 'the act of blocking Mr. B from leaving the scene before the police arrived,' and acquitted Mr. A.

The prosecution appealed, saying that A's actions could not be regarded as legitimate actions.

The appellate court also dismissed the appeal, saying, "As the accused who suffered threats, it seems necessary to take minimal measures to prevent Mr. B from leaving the scene before the police arrived."

On the other hand, B was confirmed by a summary order of fines for threatening A.