Voice phishing crimes demanding cash in exchange for a loan with a lower interest rate are continuing.

To reassure the victim, they even use the tactic of asking them to meet in front of the police station with money.

This content was covered by TBC reporter Han Hyun-ho.

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21st of last month, a man visits the window of a financial store with an anxious look.

A man who asks an employee to withdraw about 22 million won in cash from his bank account.

The employee, who found it strange, said he would prepare cash and called 112 after taking time.

[Kim Ji-eun/Daegu Daegeon Credit Cooperative employee: He wanted cash withdrawal unconditionally with an anxious expression, so he reassured the union member first, and then reported it to 112 as he usually received voice phishing training.]

As a result of police investigation, this man is a bank that promises to convert it to a low-interest loan I was deceived by a voice phishing crime that impersonated me.

Boldly, the scammer reassured the victim by asking them to meet in front of the police station with the cash they had prepared.

In March too, an employee who had known a customer who was trying to withdraw 38 million won from this credit union thought it was strange and reported it to the police, and it turned out to be a voice phishing crime.

According to the Daegu Metropolitan Police Agency, the number of victims of voice phishing crimes increased from 6.2 billion won in 2017 to 22.1 billion won last year, and reached 14 billion won in the first half of this year alone.

[Lee Jin-soo/Daegu Police Agency Voice Phishing Public Relations Team: Reimbursement must be made within a financial institution, but requesting a refund outside a financial institution is 100% voice phishing.]

Also, there are many methods to induce installation of mobile phone apps or access to links. It looks like you need to be very careful not to damage it.

(Video coverage: Koh Seung-seung TBC)