American TikTok star

Anthony Barajas

died after being shot at a California movie theater on Monday in an attack that authorities described as

"random and unprovoked."

Barajas, 19, who had a million followers on the network,

died Saturday after several days hospitalized after the attack

, which also claimed the life of her friend

Rylee Goodrich

, another popular 18-year-old tiktoker, police said. from Corona, the southern California county where the events occurred.

Both were shot in a theater that projected the film

The Forever Purge


Infinite purge

) on a totalitarian government that one night a year allows

any offense is committed, including murder.

Screening staff

found the two shot in the head at the end of the film

, which was attended by only a handful of viewers.

Goodrich died at the scene and Barajas was rushed to a hospital.

"Based on the evidence provided to our office,

this appears to be a random and unprovoked attack,"

local prosecutors said in a statement Friday.

Joseph Jiménez, 20, has been charged in the shooting.

Acting on clues offered by witnesses, the police arrested him at his home the day after the attack.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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