As the speed of the COVID-19 vaccination is picking up again, the August vaccination schedule is also in full swing.

With close to 38% of those who have been vaccinated at least once in Korea, this week, advance reservations for the elderly who have not been vaccinated in the first half of the year, those who are 18 to 49 years old, and those with developmental disabilities will also start pre-registration.

According to the COVID-19 Vaccination Response Team, senior citizens aged 60 to 74 who have not been vaccinated during the first half of the year can reschedule their vaccination schedule from today (2nd) to 31st.

About 1269,000 people, who were included in the priority vaccination list earlier but have not yet been vaccinated, will receive the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine twice at 8-week intervals from the 5th of this month to the 3rd of September after making a reservation in advance.

Those born from January 1, 1947 to December 31, 1961 can select the desired vaccination date and institution from 8:00 pm tonight.

Reservations can be made through the website (, the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (☎ 1339), or the local government call center.

Separately, 600,000 people over the age of 75 who have not yet been vaccinated can reschedule their vaccination schedule at any time.

If you are over 75 years of age, you can get the Pfizer vaccine after scheduling an inoculation date and time at the Vaccination Center without a specific time limit.

Advance reservations are made sequentially for 18-49 year olds, the main target of vaccination in the third quarter.

First of all, about 2 million people aged 18 to 49 who are determined to need priority vaccination by each local government, such as courier workers and environmental sanitation agencies, can reserve the vaccination schedule from 8:00 p.m. on the 3rd.

The target groups are essential work workers (public transportation workers, courier workers, environmental sanitation workers, call center workers, etc.), the underprivileged class (disabled people, foreign workers, international students, etc.) workers, etc.), workers in facilities with a high risk of infection (general/restaurants, singing practice rooms, PC room workers, etc.).

Advance reservations are made by region to avoid crowding out those who are vaccinated at once.

From 8:00 pm on the 3rd to 6:00 pm on the 4th, those eligible for priority vaccination in the metropolitan area can make reservations, and reservations for those in non-metropolitan areas are held from 8:00 pm on the 4th to 6pm on the 5th.

From 8 pm on the 5th to 6 pm on the 6th, you can make a reservation regardless of area.

The vaccination period is from the 17th of this month to the 11th of September, and you will receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

People with developmental disabilities who have difficulty in daily living due to physical limitations can also schedule vaccinations from this week.

About 296,000 people with developmental disabilities (248,000 people), those with heart, liver, stoma, and urinary tract disabilities (34,000 people), and users of vocational rehabilitation facilities for the disabled (14,000 people), will start on the 5th through the reservation website, etc. You can choose any inoculation day you want.

Vaccinations will start on the 26th of this month and you will receive Pfizer or Moderna vaccines every 4 weeks.

Advance reservations for about 15.77 million general citizens under the age of 40, excluding 2 million people who are subject to priority vaccination by local governments, will start in earnest from next week.

From the 9th to the 18th of the year, 18-49 years old will reserve the vaccination schedule according to the '10 pre-booking system'.

Reservation for the 10-part system allows reservations to be made only on the same date as the last digit of the date of birth in the resident registration number.

For example, a person born on August 2, 1985 (social security number date of birth 850802) can make a reservation for August 12.

Those who cannot make a reservation on the specified date can make additional reservations on the 19th (ages 36-49), the 20th (ages 18-35), and the 21st (ages 18-49).

Reservations are made from 8:00 pm to 6:00 pm the next day.

Their vaccination period is from the 26th of this month to the 30th of the next month, and they will receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.