In Italy too, the antivax are talking about them ... Hackers attacked the computer systems of a company which manages the vaccination appointments against the coronavirus in the Lazio region, around Rome, and caused the shutdown of the platform.

"A powerful hacker attack is underway," regional authorities said in a message posted on Facebook.

"All systems have been deactivated, including those of the health portal and the region's vaccination network," they added, adding that the vaccination schedule risked being delayed.

The “Green Pass” compulsory from August 6

The Italian communications police and the Rome public prosecutor's office have taken up the case and may open an investigation to try to identify the perpetrators of the attack, the Italian news agency Ansa said.

Faced with the resurgence of Covid-19 cases, Italy will impose a health pass from August 6.

Italians must present a 

Green Pass

 to go to bars and restaurants, visit a museum, go to a swimming pool or go to the cinema or the theater.

As in France, the announcement of this measure provoked numerous demonstrations of people opposed to vaccination.


Coronavirus in Italy: A compulsory health pass from August 6


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