Dozens of people were caught having a pool party on the east coast of Gangwon-do, the peak of summer vacation.

The city of Gangneung announced today (1st) that it had ordered hotel A in downtown Gangneung, where the pool party was held, to be closed for 10 days on charges of violating the Act on the Prevention and Management of Infectious Diseases.

Hotel A had a pool party with dozens of people on the evening of the 31st.

It is known that the hotel ignored the Gangneung city's prohibition of parties in advance due to the high risk of the spread of Corona 19, but ignored it.

The city notified the executive order on the 30th of last month to ban parties hosted by accommodation facilities after understanding in advance that the hotel's swimming pool was performing three times from the 30th of last month to today, and the hotel said it would 'cancel' it. I even got an answer.

However, yesterday (31st) at around 10:15 pm, the city inspected with the police and witnessed a pool party violating quarantine rules such as not wearing a mask and violating social distancing.

The city will take urgent measures to prevent the spread of Corona, and will report the party operator to the police.

The city authorities, who directly visited Hotel A today and attached a business suspension order, criticized strongly, saying, "I deceived the quarantine authorities."

Earlier, in Yangyang, a photo of a pool party without a mask was published through an online community last month, causing controversy.

(Photo = provided by Gangneung City, Yonhap News)