Businessman and SpaceX owner Elon Musk took to Twitter on Friday to criticize Apple's commission policy for app developers.

He called the fact that developers had to hand over 30 percent of their app revenues to the tech giant "completely unreasonable".

"Apple is asking too much money. Paying thirty percent for work that is almost not incremental is completely unreasonable," Musk writes.

He also states that game developer Epic Games "wouldn't have opted for its own means of payment if the commissions were fairer".

The businessman refers to the legal conflict between Apple and Epic Games.

That started in August last year, when Apple Epics took shooting game


from the App Store.

Epic decided to put its own payment system in


to circumvent the commission, which the developer finds too high.

That was against Apple's rules, after which


was removed from the App Store.

In May, the two companies faced each other in court.

According to Epic, the 30 percent commission to Apple is too high, but developers have no choice, because the App Store is the only way to offer apps to iPad and iPhone owners.

Apple defends the payments, saying they are necessary to ensure the quality of the App Store and the safety of users.

Earlier this week, during a presentation of Tesla's quarterly earnings, Musk also criticized Apple, saying he would "never unfairly sideline the competition,"

Business Insider