There was a report from the taxi driver that a drunk passenger pulled his arm while driving a taxi. Assaults while driving are subject to aggravated penalties, but this passenger has not been punished.

Reporter Han Seong-hee covered what happened.

<Reporter> A

taxi with two passengers departs, but the drunken passenger in the back cannot properly answer the destination.



: Where are you going?]

[Passenger: Oh, I'm going.]

He spit on the floor,


Driver: Oh,


are you spitting] He

starts acting dangerously.

[Taxi Driver: Oh, why are you touching me! Why are you touching people's bodies?] Sometimes I

grab the taxi driver's arm.

[Taxi Driver: Oh, look at this. This!]

Out of anxiety, the party goes out, but to no avail.

[Party: Why are you reaching out your hand like this?]

[Taxi Driver: If you touch it while driving, it will cause a lot of trouble.]

Even if the car is parked on the shoulder above Olympic Boulevard, the fight does not stop.

[Passenger: Hey you get off, XX.]

Eventually, the taxi driver could not stand it and reported it to the police.

[Taxi Driver: You must come quickly.

This person may act unexpectedly.]

However, the passenger was not punished.

The police concluded that there was no charge, saying that it was not considered assault or intimidation.

[Mr A/Taxi driver: I was very scared.

I've said it a few times that it's scary, even on the way.

(About the police disposition) It is unfair and I do not understand.]

Experts who have seen the black box video present different opinions.

[Ryu Moon-ho / Attorney: According to Supreme Court precedents and established academic views, even if there is no physical contact or physical pain, if enough psychological pain can be inflicted (driver under the Special Price Act), it can amount to intimidation…

.] It

is pointed out that it is unfortunate that active charges are applied as the current law imposes strict punishments on drivers because they can cause major accidents in the case of assault or intimidation.

(Video coverage: Lee Seung-hwan, Choi Dae-woong, video editing: Lee Seung-hee)