The music video for

Rick Astley

's song

Never Gonna Give You Up

has reached the milestone of one billion viewers on YouTube.

The video is often used on the internet as a joke, by sending it to people who expect another video.

This joke is called 'Rickrolling'.

Astley responded in a video on Twitter.

"This is insane," he says.

"The world is an amazing and beautiful place and I can count myself lucky."

The video is now 34 years old and on YouTube the official video took eleven years to reach a billion viewers.

That's mainly thanks to the Rickrolling phenomenon, which saw the clip

this year alone 2.3 million views on April 1,

according to the



The idea of ​​Rickrolling originated in 2007 on the internet forum 4chan.

People who searched for a specific video were "helped" by other forum members with a link.

Then he always jokingly brought them to the

Never Gonna Give You Up



Astley has spoken about the phenomenon several times.

That's what he called it "bizarre and funny" in the past.

When Astley posted an old photo to Reddit in 2020 - it became the most liked Reddit post of the year - he was still 'rickrolled' himself.

One user said he met Astley when he was 12 years old, but posted a link to the video clip instead of the photo of the moment.

Astley clicked and responded, "I salute you!"

Viewing record held by

Baby Shark Dance

Never Gonna Give You Up

is far from the first video on YouTube to be viewed a billion times.

The first video to reach the milestone was the music video for


Gangnam Style

in 2012. Other clips, such as Justin Bieber's




Bohemian Rhapsody,


Linkin Park's


have also passed the billion mark.

The South Korean nursery rhyme

Baby Shark Dance

is the most viewed YouTube video ever.

That song with colorful clip has been viewed more than nine billion times.