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reason people who bring in copied products can rather shout is because most of the products that came out on the market did not have 'design patents'. Small companies are taking advantage of the fact that they cannot patent each product individually by spending time and money.

Next is reporter Lee Hyun-jung.


Company B's website lists uniquely shaped candle products.

It is made in China by copying the products of domestic accessory company C.

The CEO of Company C recently found out about the damage, and said that among Company C's main products, products that did not have a design patent were subject to copying.

[Company C/damaged company: (to patent one product) costs about 500,000 won and the duration is one year. If you do it together at the time of release, you will be registered one year later. It's too difficult to do everything, so I don't do ceramic products.]

Violent copying cases are on the rise, and some even choose products that do not have a patent right and request a copy from a Chinese factory.

[Yoo Seong-won/Patent Attorney: (Occasionally) a smartphone holder for a vehicle, a Korean small and medium-sized company was making it with a pretty good design, but it sold well (domestic wholesalers) 'Make this the same quickly' in China and import it from China It complains that the sun did stand.]

legally responsible for violating the Unfair competition Act, even if you distribute copies product design patents may be water.

But not many companies can afford the lengthy litigation.

Writer Na Nangang, known for his 'Flower That Never Withers', has launched a lawsuit against a company that distributed Chinese copy products.

This is because I think that it is only by making a case law that such illegal acts can be severely punished.

[Nanangang/Writer: In the midst of being busy (litigation) is a lot of stress.

Nevertheless, we are fighting because it will happen in the future, not in a day or two.

I don't think writers with experience will even have the strength to fight like this.] In the

United States, we are reducing the damage by holding the platform companies responsible for distributing copy products. Being proactive can also be a solution for small businesses.

(Video coverage: Choi Dae-woong, Video editing: Jeon Min-gyu) 

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