As a result of SBS coverage, it was confirmed that Kim Woo-nam, the head of the Korean Horse Association, who received a 'recommendation for dismissal' by the government on the 1st for swearing and talking to an employee who refused to hire an aide, was suspended today (30th).

According to officials such as the Blue House, the government notified Chairman Kim this morning that he would suspend his duties as of today.

According to the relevant law, if an executive of a public institution is suspected of misconduct, etc., the minister of the relevant ministries must request an investigation agency to investigate and recommend that the appointing authority suspend the officer's duties.

The decision to suspend today's job was made in the name of President Moon Jae-in according to this procedure, and it is known that the reason for the suspension is known to include hiring irregularities and retaliation against victims.

Chairman Kim was also commissioned by the police on the 16th to investigate misconduct such as hiring.

As a result of auditing for over a month on Chairman Kim's instructions for hiring aides and rude remarks, the government decided that it was a 'recommendation for dismissal' and notified Chairman Kim of this on the 1st.

The Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission said that the victim of abusive language and vulgar language was a public interest reporter, and has also launched an investigation into the 'second offense' within the organization that the victim complained of.